Otis and Associates, P.C. (O&A) is a unique provider of management consulting, auditing, and financial accounting services.  Headquartered in Hyattsville, Maryland, it is strategically located at the center of the Washington, DC metro area.  We assist clients ranging from federal and local government agencies, pubic and private sector firms to not-for-profit organizations with their unique financial needs.

O&A is positioned to continue growing as a one-stop accounting and management-consulting firm for both the public and private sectors.  The convergence of these two practice areas enables us to respond seamlessly to our clients’ accounting and strategic management needs in a timely and resourceful manner.

We are committed to building a company that must keep pace with the dynamic business and financial environment of the 21st century and its attendant challenges.  

Our mission is simple: To remain a modern global accounting and management consulting firm that will continue to provide value to clients.

O&A will dedicate its professional resources in insuring the mutual success of our clients and the firm.  Because of our solid commitment to excellence and exceptional customer services, we continue to retain so many satisfied clients.

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